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From the beginning, Payless has had a singular focus - creating trend-right comfortable footwear at a great value. They have adapted to the changing world to provide everyone access to the best styles and brands. They continue delivering comfort, with the right styles, at the best price. The Payless brand continues to thrive across its extensive global network spanning over 30 countries worldwide. Today Payless serves millions of consumers in approximately 700 brick-and-mortar stores throughout Central America, the Caribbean, South America as well as parts of Asia, Middle East, and North Africa.

Use Atome at Payless ID to enjoy exclusive discount vouchers on Payless's products and/or services.

Simply scan Payless's in-store QR code or pay via the Atome App upon checkout. All Atome app users will be entitled to a welcome voucher of up to 50% off with a min. spend of Rp 100,000 on their first purchase.

How to shop on Payless with Atome (Buy Now, Pay Later)

  • Select Atome as your payment method during checkout.
  • If you have an Atome account, please enter your login information and proceed with payment.
  • If you are new to Atome, you will be asked to apply for an Atome account before checkout with Payless. The process is fast and simple, and you will receive an approval within minutes.
  • The first bill will be paid in next 30 days after your purchase.

Zero interest or hidden fees

Atome does not charge any interest. If you miss a scheduled payment, your account will be suspended until the outstanding amount is paid. A late fee of Rp 50.000 will be charged for the first six days, and an additional of Rp 30.000 will be charged for any delays more than six days.

Easily track your monthly shopping expenses and payment notifications through Atome's mobile app. For more information, please refer to the Terms of Service.

3 easy payments,

0% interest.

3 easy payments,

0% interest.

Find a Store

BAZAAR PAYLESS (Depok - Margo City - ZG26)

Jl Margonda Raya 358 MargoCity Mall, Jawa Barat, 16423

BAZAAR PAYLESS (Jakarta - Grand Indonesia - BY22)

Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, Kb. Melati, Kota Jakarta Pusat, West Mall, 1st floor unit 1-07-08A-09, DKI Jakarta, 10310

Payless (Ambon - Ambon City Center - PZ18)

Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Hative Kecil UG Blok H-18A, Maluku, 97232

Payless (Badung - Discovery Shopping Mall - PZ47)

Jl. Kartika Plaza Discovery Mall, UG MUG-2, Bali, 80361

Payless (Balikpapan - E-Walk Balikpapan - PZ30)

Jl. Jend.Sudirman 47 E-walk, UG#20A, Kalimantan Timur, 76124

Payless (Balikpapan - Pentacity - PZ71)

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 47 UG FL, Kalimantan Timur, 76114

Payless (Bandung - 23 Paskal Shopping Center - PZ74)

Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasir Kaliki 25 - 27 L2#64, Jawa Barat, 40181

Payless (Bandung - Cihampelas Walk - PZ11)

Jl. Cihampelas No. 160 Cihampelas Walk, Jawa Barat, 40131

Payless (Bandung - Festival Citylink - PZ53)

Jl. Peta No. 241 Festival Citylink Lt. 1 Unit 37-38, Jawa Barat, 40232

Payless (Bandung - Paris Van Java - PZ01)

Jl Sukajadi No 137-139 Mall PVJ bandung, Jawa Barat, 40153

Payless (Bandung - Plaza BEC - PZA1)

Jl. Aceh No. 66 UG-AA#05, Jawa Barat, 40117

Payless (Bandung - Trans Studio Mall Bandung - PZB7)

Jl. Gatot Subroto 289 L2#B06,B07,B08,B09, Jawa Barat, 40273

Payless (Banjarbaru - Q Mall - PZ57)

Jl. Ahmad Yani Km 36,8 GF #G 31-32, Kalimantan Selatan, 70714

Payless (Banjarmasin - Duta Mall - PZ14)

Jl. Akhmad Yani Duta Mall 3nd Fl, Kalimantan Selatan, 70234

Payless (Batam - Grand Batam Mall - PZA9)

Jl. Pembangunan, Lubuk Baja LT.1#11, Kepulauan Riau, 29432

Payless (Bekasi - Citragrand Cibubur - PZ52)

Jl. Alternatif Cibubur, Cileungsi KM 4 Citragrand Cibubur, Jawa Barat, 17435

Payless (Bekasi - Grand Metropolitan Mall - PZ40)

Jl. KH. Noer Ali Grand Metropolitan, Lt 1 #16-18, Jawa Barat, 17148

Payless (Bekasi - Summarecon Mall Bekasi - PZ48)

Jl. Boulevard A. Yani Blok M Summarecon Mall Bekasi, 2F-117, Jawa Barat, 17142

Payless (Binjai - Binjai Supermall - PZ89)

Jl. Soekarno Hatta #14 GF#01,02,03,05, Sumatera Utara, 20731

Payless (Bogor - Cibinong City Mall - PZ60)

Jl. Tegar Beriman No. 1 Cibinong City Mall, GF #A24, A25, Jawa Barat, 16915

Payless (Bogor - Lippo Plaza - PZ73)

Jalan Siliwangi No.123, Sukasari UG#29, Jawa Barat, 16142

Payless (Cilegon - Cilegon Center Mall - PZ91)

Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani L1#03-04, Banten, 42416

Payless (Cirebon - Grage City Mall - PZ09)

Jl.Tentara Pelajar No 1 Mall Grage, Jawa Barat, 45123

Payless (Depok - D Mall Depok - PZ85)

Jl. Margonda Raya Kav. 88 Depok Mall L1 unit 1.18, Jawa Barat, 16243

Payless (Depok - Margo City - PZC1)

Mall Margo City Lantai 1 unit 29 Jl Margonda Raya, Beji, Depok 16423, Jawa Barat, 16423

Payless (Depok - Trans Studio Mall Cibubur - PZA3)

Jl. Alternatif Cibubur No.230, Harjamukti LT2, 11&12, Jawa Barat, 16454

Payless (Gorontalo - Gorontalo Mall - PZ95)

Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 1 Gorontalo Mall, Gorontalo, 16454

Payless (Gresik - Icon Mall Gresik - PZ87)

Jl. Dr. Wahidin S.H. No. 712 GF#31-33, Jawa Timur, 61124

Payless (Jakarta - AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City - PZ79)

Jl. Boulevard Jakarta Garden City, Cakung 2F#18-19, DKI Jakarta, 13910

Payless (Jakarta - Blok M Plaza - PZ03)

Jl. Bulungan Raya No. 76 Blok M Plaza Lt.3 unit 11-15, DKI Jakarta, 12130

Payless (Jakarta - Central Park Mall - PZ02)

Jl. Letjend S. Parman Kav. 28 Central Park, DKI Jakarta, 11470

Payless (Jakarta - Cibubur Junction - PZ28)

Jl. Raya Cibubur Cibubur Junction, 1st FL, U I-59, DKI Jakarta, 13720

Payless (Jakarta - Cipinang Indah Mall - PZ84)

Jl. Cipinang Indah Raya LT.1#52,33,55, DKI Jakarta, 13420

Payless (Jakarta - Gandaria City - PZ07)

Jl Margonda Raya 358 MargoCity Mall, DKI Jakarta, 12240

Payless (Jakarta - Green Pramuka Square - PZ93)

Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani Kav. 49, Rawasari UG-13, DKI Jakarta, 10570

Payless (Jakarta - Kalibata City Square - PZ94)

Jl. Kalibata Raya No. 1 LG #E15-16, DKI Jakarta, 12750

Payless (Jakarta - Keramat Jati Indah Plaza - PZ41)

Jl. Raya Bogor Km 19 KJI Plaza, GF/ 58-61, DKI Jakarta, 13510

Payless (Jakarta - Kota Kasablanka - PZ27)

Jl. Kasablanka Raya Kav. 88 Kota Kasablanka, L1 #131-133, DKI Jakarta, 12870

Payless (Jakarta - Lippo Mall Kemang - PZ38)

Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36 Kemang Village, L1 #16, DKI Jakarta, 12150

Payless (Jakarta - Lippo Mall Puri - PZ69)

Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard Kav IV L.1 UNIT 78, DKI Jakarta, 11610

Payless (Jakarta - Lotte Mart Bintaro - PZ15)

Jl. Lingkar Luar Selatan Kav. 6 Lotte Mart Mall, Banten, 15224

Payless (Jakarta - Pejaten Village - PZ10)

Jl. Warung Jati Barat No.39 Mall Pejaten Village, DKI Jakarta, 12510

Payless (Jakarta - Plaza Atrium - PZ66)

Jl. Senen Raya No.135 L3 #06-07, DKI Jakarta, 10410

Payless (Jakarta - Sunter Mall - PZ98)

Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok G7 LT.2, UNIT#10-11, DKI Jakarta, 14350

Payless (Jambi - Jambi Town Square - PZ99)

Jl. Kapten A. Bakaruddin No. 88 FF, Jambi, 36361

Payless (Jayapura - Mall Jayapura - PZB4)

Jl. Sam Ratulangi LT.3, Papua, 99112

Payless (Jember - Roxy Square - PZ68)

Jl. Hayam Wuruk GF, Jawa Timur, 68131

Payless (Karawang - Karawang Central Plaza - PZ33)

Jl. Raya Galuh Mas L1 #C12 & 15, Jawa Barat, 41361

Payless (Karawang - Resinda Park Mall - PZ76)

Jl. Interchange Karawang Barat, Telukjambe Timur LT.1#I.1-01, Jawa Barat, 41361

Payless (Karawang - Resinda Park Mall - PZ76)

Jl.Interchange Karawang Barat, lantai 1 Teluk jambe timur Purwadana Karawang 41361, Jawa Barat, 41361

Payless (Kediri - Kediri Town Square - PZ29)

Jl. Hasanuddin 2, Bolowerti Kediri Town Square, FF#AT02A,02B,05, Jawa Timur, 64129

Payless (Magelang - Armada Town Square - PZ34)

Jl. Mayjend Bambang Soegeng No. 1 Armada Town Square, Jawa Tengah, 56172

Payless (Makassar - Grand Mall Maros - PZA2)

Jl. Poros Makassar-Maros KM.20 A.20,21,22, Sulawesi Selatan, 90552

Payless (Makassar - Mall Panakkukang - PZ25)

Jl. Boulevard Panakkukang Mall Panakkukang, Lt.2 Unit A3-15, Sulawesi Selatan, 90222

Payless (Makassar - Nipah Mall - PZ83)

JL. Urip Sumaharjo UG#010, Sulawesi Selatan, 90231

Payless (Makassar - Trans Studio Mall Makassar - PZ04)

Jl. HM. Dg. Patomo Trans Studio Mall, Sulawesi Selatan, 90134

Payless (Malang - Malang Town Square - PZ97)

Jl. Veteran No. 2 L1-5,6,7, Jawa Timur, 65113

Payless (Malang - Mall Olympic Garden - PZ61)

Jl. Kawi No. 24 Mall Olympic Garden, Jawa Timur, 65146

Payless (Manado - Manado Town Square - PZ55)

Jl. Pierre Tendean Boulevard Manado MATOS, FF#49B, Sulawesi Utara, 95121

Payless (Manado - Megamall - PZ59)

Jl. Pierre Tendean Boulevard Manado Megamall Lt 1 #30, Sulawesi Utara, 95111

Payless (Manado - Star Square - PZ78)

Jl. R.W.Monginsidi FF-03A/05, Sulawesi Utara, 95115

Payless (Medan - Deli Park Mall - PZB5)

Jl. Alternatif Cibubur No.230, Harjamukti LT2, 11&12, Sumatera Utara, 20111

Payless (Medan - Manhattan Times Square - PZ77)

Sei Sikambing B, Medan Sunggal L1#10, Sumatera Utara, 20123

Payless (Medan - Medan Fair - PZ56)

Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 30 Medan Fair, Lantai 2 No. 10, Sumatera Utara, 20113

Payless (Medan - Thamrin Plaza - PZ43)

Jl.Thamrin No 75R Thamrin Plaza Lt 5, Unit 5-22, Sumatera Utara, 20211

Payless (Palembang - OPI Mall - PZ90)

Jl. Gubernur HA Bastari, Sungai Kedukan L2.26, Sumatera Selatan, 30257

Payless (Palembang - Palembang Icon - PZB8)

Jl. POM IX, Lorok Pakjo L1-09, Sumatera Selatan, 30131

Payless (Pekanbaru - Living World Pekanbaru - PZ88)

Jl. Soekarno Hatta FF#I-19, Riau, 28292

Payless (Pekanbaru - Mal SKA - PZ17)

Jl. Soekarno - Hatta Mall SKA Pekanbaru, Riau, 28113

Payless (Semarang - Java Mall - PZ51)

Jl. MT. Haryono 992-994 Java Supermall, Lt 2 - 201A, Jawa Tengah, 50249

Payless (Serang - Mall of Serang - PZ31)

Jl. Raya Serang Timur Mall Of Serang, Lt. 1 #FF01-02, Banten, 42124

Payless (Sidoarjo - Sidoarjo Town Square - PZ26)

Jl. Pahlawan, Simpang Susun Sidoarjo Town Sq, UG 09-10, Jawa Timur, 61213

Payless (Sleman - Sleman City Hall - PZA4)

Jl. Magelang No.18 Km. 9.6, Tridadi LT.1#21, DI Yogyakarta, 55511

Payless (Solo - Solo Paragon Mall - PZ21)

Jl. Yosodipuro No. 133 Mall Solo Paragon, Jawa Tengah, 57125

Payless (Solo - Solo Square - PZ16)

Jl. Slamet Riyadi 451-455 Solo Square, Jawa Tengah, 57141

Payless (Solo - The Park Solo - PZ72)

Jl. Raya Solo Baru Permai F-23,23A-25, Jawa Tengah, 57552

Payless (Surabaya - Ciputra World Surabaya - PZ12)

Jalan Mayjend Sungkono 87 Mall Ciputra World, Jawa Timur, 60224

Payless (Surabaya - Galaxy Mall - PZA5)

Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur 37 LT.2 NO.2-339, Jawa Timur, 60115

Payless (Surabaya - Pakuwon Mall - PZ22)

Jl. Puncak Bukit Lontar 2 Supermall Pakuwon Lt.1#79, Jawa Timur, 60126

Payless (Surabaya - Royal Plaza - PZ36)

Jl. Achmad Yani No. 16-18 Royal Plaza, FF #G1-01, Jawa Timur, 60231

Payless (Surabaya - Tunjungan Plaza - PZ39)

Jl. Basuki Rachmat 8-12 Tunjungan Plaza, LG39-55, Jawa Timur, 60261

Payless (Tangerang - AEON MALL BSD CITY - PZ67)

Jl. BSD Boulevard Raya L2#56, Banten, 15435

Payless (Tangerang - Bintaro Lifestyle Mall - PZ58)

Jl. Bintaro Utama, Bintaro Jaya UG #319-320, Banten, 15227

Payless (Tangerang - Living World Alam Sutera - PZ13)

Jl. Alam Sutra Boulevard Kav. 21 Living World Alam Sutra, Banten, 15325

Payless (Tangerang - Mall @ Alam Sutera - PZ20)

Jl. Jalur Sutera Barat Kav. 16 First Floor #66-67, Banten, 15325

Payless (Tangerang - Matahari Supermall Karawaci - PZ35)

Jl. Diponegoro Lippo Karawaci 105 Supermal Karawaci, Banten, 15811

Payless (Yogyakarta - Galeria Mall - PZ65)

Jl. Jend Sudirman No 99-101 Galeria Building,2nd Fl. Unit 23-27, DI Yogyakarta, 55225

Payless (Yogyakarta - Jogja City Mall - PZ62)

Jl. Raya Magelang Km. 6 Jogja City Mall, DI Yogyakarta, 55284

Payless (Yogyakarta - Mall Malioboro Extensi - PZ96)

Jl. Malioboro No. 52 - 58 L2#X-L2-12, DI Yogyakarta, 55271